Monday, July 27, 2009

some things are just wrong.

i'm not sure if i've made mention of how much i dislike the hype about MJ's death. overall, i'm not really one to drool over tabloids or gossip blogs or get overly emotional about celebrity happenins and such.

it's true that MJ's death is sad and his music was influential. there's no denying that. did i looove the black and white video with macaulay culkin? you know i did. do i own the jackson five christmas album? you better believe it. with this being said, i still don't understand why weeks after his death people are still trying rekindle the hysteria.

for instance, i was toolin' around on and i saw the title: "Michael Jackson's hair to be made into diamonds" my first reaction was to regurgitate my breakfast. the second and conclusive reaction was to click on the link.

i won't ruin the article for you. i'll let you see it for yourself:

basically, the next time you think about buying a diamond (which i'm not totally against as long as they are from canada) let this be your driving force to NOT purchase one that are related to such circumstances. perhaps Blood Diamond didn't sway you but maybe this will.

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