Thursday, November 12, 2009

I want your money...

Asking for monetary contributions may be one of the most difficult tasks to undertake....especially when it's your job to do so. Fundraising, not only does the word resonate nobility and excitement (hell, the word "fun" makes up the first three letters) it can create profound change.

Everyday I come to work and take part in a fundraising team that raises millions of dollars to support children and families. Over the last few years my line of work has seen a major downturn in donations (individual, corporate and foundational) most likely due to the recession. As I was searching around for articles, I came across this one:

I think it's easy to get discouraged when you are used to raising large dollar donations and aren't coming by those so easily. It's important to remember that those small dollar amounts make a difference and by focusing on that notion can make all the difference. A $5 donation can someday turn into a $500 donation.

According to the Philanthropy News Digest, low-income Americans are the most charitable...even during economic down-turns, so doesn't it make sense to concentrate your efforts toward that demographic?

With that being said, maybe our most successful fundraising efforts will come from getting back to the grassroots level. If an organization can be created from the individual efforts of small and continuous donations shouldn't that be a building block on which the nonprofit stands over time? In the end it's all money...small or large all makes a difference.

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