Saturday, March 6, 2010

potting the holes

it's been about two years since i've had to drive a car on a daily basis. the beauty of public transportation took me away from the day-to-day interaction with the hiccups and blemishes that occupy our roadways--slow drivers, road construction, speeding tickets--but the biggest and most annoying driving obstruction...POTHOLES. i hate them with a passion. 

it just so happens that in one months time my poor little car lost a hubcap, got a flat tire, and shook up the balance. after a lovely $150 later she has recovered. unfortunately, the potholes continue to become a path of destruction on a daily basis and my weaving about and maneuvering skills will make you jealous. no joke.

as i was perusing the internet this evening i came across a loverly article about one artist's attempt at beautifying these holes. check it: i believe minneapolis could benefit greatly from something like this. damn, i'd grab my gardening gloves and potting soil and attack 3rd avenue right now. i'm pretty sure we are stuck with these craters of doom for quite some time so until that state funding kicks (i'm not holding my breath) we should roll up our sleeves and beautify those least we would have something pretty to look at while we maneuver around the war paths.

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