Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Celebrating the Semicolon.

Welcome! Being that this is my first post, I should probably note my intentions. Like many, I am at a loss as to what I will be "blogging" about. Basically, this space will be a place where I share interesting issues or finds. From linguistics to statistics, this blog will be a semi-heterogeneous mixture.

So, here we go.

The title of this entry was influenced by an article I found on the NYT:

I should give a little background info on why I would have such a fondness/interest in the semicolon. Basically, my 8hr-long work day consistents of editing media pieces, grantwriting, etc. For many years I have always been intrigued by the use and misuse of this beauty and charmer. So, naturally, when the a semi-colon is used correctly, and with good taste, I find myself quite pleased.

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