Wednesday, March 18, 2009

making whoopie.

A few months back I was on the hunt for a dessert recipe for the company "bake-off" and I found several takes on the "whoopie pie." As a child, I had a few of these tasty cookie-pie treats but lost touch with them...until now.

The whoopie pie is making its comeback!

Apparently, only a few "El" stops away, is Kim's Kitchen that's been bakin' up these tasty pies for seven years now. Not only do I intend to nosh my way through this "Edible Nostaligia" via local bakeries, but I plan on making my own variation of this whoopie pie, cake, err cookie. Pumpkin, raspberry or chocolate--whatever tantalizes the taste-buds, really.

Once I have perfected my own take on "whoopie"-making...I'll share :)

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